Elect Richard Ludke to the TTUSD School Board

Strong Leadership, Integrity & Accountability

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My Experience



When our schools closed in 2020, I saw the devastating effects on our students and our community. To ensure students needs are put first, I'm running for office to take action. I'll bring the necessary change needed to protect our students and their education.

  • Non-profit board experience

  • I completed my student teaching at Truckee Elementary

  • Youth leader

  • Big brother for 8yrs - Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America

  • Live & work in Truckee for 25 years

  • Safety Manager - US Forest Service


San Francisco State University


Teaching Credential

Sierra Nevada University                      


My Commitment to you

I am committed to producing creative solutions with data-driven, community-informed decisions. I am dedicated to protecting the critical role of local government and parent rights in education. I am committed to closing achievement gaps, prioritizing college & career readiness and putting student needs first.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Teacher Support

  • Focus on the Educational Value of our Curriculum  

  • Safety

  • Community


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