Creative Thinking.



Fiscal Responsibility.





Teacher Support.

















If Covid has taught us anything, it's that everything can change in one moment. Now is not the time for yes or no questions and yes or no answers. Now is the time for researching and responding with data-driven decision making.

The ability to ask the necessary questions and problem solve quickly is crucial to the success of TTUSD moving forward. I am committed to listen to parent and teacher concerns, ask the necessary questions, review the data and respond with creative solutions.  

When school boards and city governments do not work together, students suffer. By sharing information and resources, we can increase student support while being fiscally prudent. 

By working directly with city officials, nonprofits and businesses, we can increase student support while being fiscally prudent. 


It’s important that we focus on the heart of TTUSD, our students. It’s imperative that financial decisions focus on student support. 

 I'll take action to ensure our buildings are maintained regularly, negotiations with staff are positive, funds for our at-risk youth are protected and learning recovery is prioritized. 

We invest in students by investing in our teachers. Teachers and administration working together will increase student achievement and develop innovative solutions. 

Restructure board study sessions to include round-table discussions directly with teachers and staff to 

effectively and efficiently increase assessing and addressing student achievement.  


Positive parent involvement is directly proportional to student achievement; however, decisions made in previous years surrounding curriculum choice did not reflect a support of parent involvement.

Implement a new board policy increasing transparency in the curriculum development process requiring all courses, including electives, to be previewed publicly before approval. Commit to listening to parents, teachers and community concerns.

Students and staff have a right to attend schools that are free from violence, bullying and intimidation. I commit to work with students, parents, community residents and law enforcement to collaborate on school safety issues. 

Work directly with concerned community members, parents, city officials and law enforcement, to bring community awareness and education to issues such as teen vaping and fentanyl use.


I support advanced communication and transparency prior to items being placed on the agenda for voting. Regular communication with parents, teachers, students, the administration and community is critical to the success of TTUSD.

I would like to see a student advisory committee who ensures the board hears directly from students regularly. Adding board presentations on campuses with students and at PTA meetings with parents can increase communication ensuring the board is better informed in the decision-making process.